18 Hand Drawn Layer Masks
18 Hand Drawn Layer Masks Need something to boost up the creative look on your design work? here you can have 18 Hand Drawn Layer Masks. This sample pack is coming to you from Dima Groshev, the part of his latest product, 121 Hand Drawn Layer Masks. With the help of this product, then you can easily make your photos stand out against the thousands of others. Moreover, it carefully created with attention to every detail to make a great useful product for you. These templates are great for social media post like Instagram, advertising banner, printable cards and cover.

Thanks to Dima Groshev for providing this well made free sample today. So, check out on the full version then you can have all the complete 121 templates to expand your collection and create more stunning post!

: 1.41 MB
Download (1856) Full version

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