16 Free Texture Backgrounds is a combination of 3 freebies pack from FW Studio. This pack consist gold textures, subtle textures and wooden texture. All you can have for free to make your design looking even more interesting. These background can be great as background of poster, social media post, overlaid over text or typography and a lot more!

Thanks to FWStudio for always sharing high quality free demo to the community. Make sure to check out on the full version so you can get the other awesome background images and hi-res textures! Then, have a good look on their page so you can get to know more about their other stunning works. Also, hit like and leave comments to show your support and let them know what you think.

: 266 MB
: 4256x2832 px
Download (6676) Full version

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  1. Mikhaylo Ilukhine
    9:30 am · Reply

    Thank you!

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