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100 Transparent Tape Textures

100 Transparent Tape Textures is here! You can use just any piece of transparent tape to stick torn pieces of paper back together, regardless of the quality, but it’s only by using the best transparent tape textures in your artwork that you can make yourself come across as the best in the game. That’s why we are here today! For once after all, being the number one in what you come up with, design, and deliver is not going to cost you anything at all. That’s of course only if you haven’t already had a taste of our all top quality yet free to download exclusive designs!

Thanks to Resources Boy for creating this awesome collection of 100 Transparent Tape Textures and sharing it to the community here. So, if you like it make sure to share the link then more people can use it! Also, visit their portfolio page where you can learn more about them and appreciate their other cool works!

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