10 Free Halftone Dots Texture 10 Free Halftone Dots Texture 10 Free Halftone Dots Texture

Need to give a classic pop art and vintage comic look on your design? Here have a try on 10 free halftone dots texture. This one is coming for you from our favorite author who has bring us this set in various handy formats. Coming to you in PNG, SVG, AI, and EPS as well so it is flexible for you to use anywhere. All the files are fully customizable. Also you can always resize it as big as you ever need.

Big thanks to Bart Wesolek for always generously sharing his awesome creations. Want more cool works like this? then you should go ahead and visit on his page here for more awesome projects from him. Also, have a look on his portfolio, you may find more cool freebies!

: 59.48 MB
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Responses (5)

  1. Bart
    3:31 am · Reply

    Thanks for support 🙂

  2. Nikhil
    12:08 am · Reply

    It always stops at 99% download?

    • Leonie
      12:57 pm · Reply

      Hi Nikhil, it works well from here, please try redownload with different browser

  3. Joselyn
    2:36 am · Reply

    thank u!

  4. Asha
    4:10 am · Reply

    Downloading this!!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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