10 Fine Grit Bitmap Textures are some gritty texture that run smooth in Adobe Illustrator (Bitmap TIFF Textures). These are made straight from concrete, sand, cloth, fabric, wood, stone, paint and more. It is great for logos, lettering, illustrations, for screening in illustrator and much more. Also comes in super high-res TIFF that gives you the flexibility to use them in both Illustrator and Photoshop. The TIFF files are 300dpi bitmaps (6000x4000px) which makes them design-ready and you can just drop them in. Additionally, these are subtle so combinining them together is a great idea to have heaps of gritty possibilities!

Thanks to Jeremy Mura for always providing us awesome free demo for us to try! This freebie is only 10 out of 50 Fine Grit Bitmap Textures. So, go get the other cool textures on the full version and complete your collection! Then, you will 50 aussie made textures that’ll give you a dirty look!

: 10.73 MB
Download (76954) Full version

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  1. bil
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    NEATO! Gracias!

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