Stonestick Imperfect Script

Stonestick Imperfect Script

Stonestick Imperfect Script

Stonestick Imperfect Script

Stonestick Imperfect Script

Here’s a new collection beautiful font Stonestick. Imperfect brush font, bold, solid and smooth. Make a stronger and powerful character to complement the needs of your design project.

Stonestick package is perfect for making design: posters, a variety of quotes, header, logo design, blog headers, all kinds of covers, t-shirts, mugs, etc.

Big thanks to JROH Creative for providing us this beautiful freebie. Make sure to check out the full Stonestick Imperfect Script. Comes with Stonestick Caps, it’s also equipped with ornaments, swash and splatter to enhance your imagination.

: OTF (OpenType Font)
: 23.85 KB
Download (40293) Full version

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Responses (9)

  1. Devon
    6:31 am · Reply

    Hi, I downloaded the font, but not sure how to use it in word. Its not for commercial use. Can you guide me on what to do next? Thanks

    • Leonie
      1:10 pm · Reply

      Hi Devon, can you tell me more specifically which part you are not sure about?

  2. wenn
    5:21 pm · Reply

    can we use this for commercial?

    • Ryan
      1:58 am · Reply

      Helo Wen, We’re sorry. You can’t use this free demo font for commercial purpose. If you want to use it commercially you should purchase the full version. You can find the link on the description.

  3. Jan
    11:48 pm · Reply

    I installed the font just like I do all my fonts but when I used it, the bottom of the words were cut off. Did I do something wrong>

  4. E
    6:01 am · Reply

    The bottom half of the letters are cut off.

  5. Myrrha Tekya
    2:16 am · Reply

    Can I use the font in my youtube videos? (non of my videos are used commercially)

  6. Jennifer
    6:06 am · Reply

    Can this freebie be used commercially?

    • Ajir
      6:33 am · Reply

      Hi Jennifer,
      Unfortunately this free font is for personal use only.
      If you want to use it commercially, please check out the full version.

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