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mOnochrome – Free UI KIT

mOnochrome – Free UI KIT

Monochrome is a free UI Kit Template that includes 12 screens in PSD for your design. All the screens are in black & white and editable. Suitable for you who need a very elegant and modern look.

This free template is designed by Andrey Shilov , Big thanks and cheers to him! Make sure to check out his portfolio for his latest updates and more of his exquisite works!

: 12.6 MB
Download (1542) Check out more

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Responses (2)

  1. Geoff
    3:24 am · Reply


    First I’ve just came on your website for the 1st time and it’s a pleasure to know it
    Thanks for all ressources especially for UI-kit purposed to download

    I wanted to share your website to give a little on Pint and Twitt but there is a problem on your links I think
    Also I would like to download the UI-kit “monochrome”, cause so great, but when I download it, it’s like a vlc file…
    If you can give some help, could be great 🙂

    I’ve also some projects free to download on bechance, if someone interest you, I put the link 😉



    So, good night, evening or morning 😉

    • Leonie
      4:28 pm · Reply

      Hi Geoff, i’ve change the file to zip format. hope it works well for you now

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