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Free Handmade Mediterranean VillageFree Handmade Mediterranean VillageFree Handmade Mediterranean VillageFree Handmade Mediterranean Village

Free Handmade Mediterranean Village is a collection of 10 hand drawn Greek style building icons. It has a sketchy, organic feel to them while still maintaining a clean vector line. Moreover, the color and size can always be easily customized. They will add a charming hand drawn touch to any print or web project that requires a building icon and the architectural style is versatile enough to work for non-European themed projects as well. This collection comes with 6 free Santorini themed bonus icons with an elegant style and slightly thinner stroke.

Thanks to Linseed Studio who has share this beautiful set of icons. If you like this freebie and want more, make sure to visit their icon page and website. Therefore, hit the check out more button below to get to know more about them and find their stunning premium products as well!

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