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Free 10 Textured Backgrounds Set 8

Free 10 Textured Backgrounds Set 8

Free 10 Textured Backgrounds Set 8 is here for you. This set is looking familiar since it is coming from our stunning author FWStudio. Here you can have more free background images with high quality. As always, each background comes with dimensions of 4256×2832 pixels and 300 dpi resolutions. So, you can always use these for many purposes, from small printable design, web elements yet also huge advertising banner.

Thanks to FWStudio who always generously providing us with high quality freebies. So, if you like this set, make sure to check out on the full version for more of this set. Also, have a good look on his portfolio and show your support by hitting the appreciate button. There you can get more awesome freebies like this, get the latest updates and find out more about his other projects.

: 74.37 MB
: 4256×2832 px
Download (3902) Full version

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