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Hand-drawn Backyard Garden Clip Art

Responses (12)

  1. Olga
    6:51 pm · Reply


  2. claudya guerr
    10:10 pm · Reply

    Thank you

  3. Anna Glover
    11:05 pm · Reply

    Can these be added as elements to create digital pictures commercially?

    • Leonie Dian
      5:41 pm · Reply

      if you want to use it commercially, you can directly contacting the author, you can find the link of the contact from the description

  4. Alma
    11:44 pm · Reply

    This product is available for commercial use within scrap kits?
    For example scrap paper and create frames cluster.
    digital version, not printable.

  5. xavi
    10:45 pm · Reply

    Beautiful! Thanks so much!

  6. Michele
    10:20 pm · Reply

    Simply beautiful! Thanks so much!

  7. Kristen
    5:38 am · Reply

    Is this available for commercial use on a recipe binder template?

    • Ajir
      6:20 am · Reply

      Hi Kristen, Yes! Go a head.

  8. Letitia
    8:49 pm · Reply

    Can these be used commercially on social media?

    • Ajir
      12:52 am · Reply

      Hi Letitia, Yes! Go a head.

      • Letitia
        4:54 pm ·


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