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Cormac Typefamily Free Demo Cormac Typefamily Free Demo Cormac Typefamily Free Demo Cormac Typefamily Free Demo Cormac Typefamily Free Demo

Today you can have Cormac Typefamily Free Demo! This time you will get Cormac Black and Extra-Light. Cormac is a humanist typeface characterized with it’s large x-height and slightly flared stems. The word that best describes the ideas in the beginning of the project is “simple”. The idea behind it was to strip the letter forms of everything unnecessary, and yet keep the typeface interesting. So,the typeface is friendly without being too cheesy. Thanks to its humanistic character, flared ascends and stems reminding of its calligraphic origin.

Thanks to Typedepot for letting us giving a try on this stunning typefamily. Go and get the full version if you like to have the complete Cormac family. Cormac is open and readable typeface coming in 7 weights plus their matching ‘true’ italics – from Extra Thin to Bold. Moreover, the family comes with Cyrillic support and great range of numerals. Also coming with fractions, ligatures, alternates and a lot of special characters. All these features are making Cormac a great solution for greate range of design work. Therefore, it is great for branding, editorial, web, wayfinding, etc.

: 525 KB
: Personal Use Only
Download (1420) Full version

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