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  1. MRN
    6:56 pm · Reply

    Hey there, Canter has only caps but I need also lowercase letters. Does anybody knows a font that fits to Canter / looks nice in combination with Canter and has lowercase letters. ( Would youse Canter for headings and another font for the body)

    Thanks 🙂

  2. James Alvarez
    1:36 pm · Reply

    I need TTF. When can I get it?

    • Leonie
      8:19 pm · Reply

      Hi James, you can convert the font on

  3. Marrianne
    11:41 pm · Reply

    Can this typeface be used for commercial use?

    • Ajir
      11:48 pm · Reply

      Hi Marrianne.
      Yes, This font can be used for both personal and commercial work.

      • hacci
        1:10 pm ·

        free commercial use, sure? when i search the other sites, they say “only personal use”.

      • Leonie
        8:22 pm ·

        Hi Hacci
        Yes, it is

  4. Etry
    6:05 pm · Reply

    Hello, the zip file that is downloaded doesn’t appear to contain anything?

    • Ajir
      6:50 pm · Reply

      Hi Etry,

      Sorry for that. I just fix it, and it should works fine now.
      Please try to redownload it.


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